Our Services

Our services effectively address the unique cultural, ethnic and linguistic needs of our diverse clientele to ensure the best possible access to health care, with focused sensitivity to economic factors and health beliefs.

Attendant Care Services: Assistance with a combination of services in the member’s home, which may include homemaking, personal care, and general supervision.

Homemaker: Assistance in the performance of activities related to household maintenance, intended to preserve or improve the safety and sanitation of the member’s living conditions.

Member-Directed Options: Agency With Choice (AWC) and Self-Directed Attendant Care (SDAC) allows members to have more control over how certain services are provided, including attendant care, personal care, and homemaker. The options are not a service, but rather define the way in which services are delivered.

Personal Care: Assistance to meet essential personal physical needs to members who reside in their own home.

Respite: A service that provides an interval of rest and/or relief to a family member or other person(s) caring for the ALTCS member.